2 Flags on one Sash

This sash has two countries. Side #1 hangs on one side and Side #2 hangs on the other. THIS SASH IS NOT RETURNABLE. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO THREE WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.  
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This sash has two countries. Side #1 hangs on one side and Side #2 hangs on the other. THIS SASH IS NOT RETURNABLE. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO THREE WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.


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14 reviews for 2 Flags on one Sash

  1. John

    American Flag and El Salvador Flag

    Bought a this dual flag sash with the left side of the American flag and the right side of the Salvadorian flag and it perfectly made and couldnt be more pleased

  2. Livee

    Absolutely wonderful.

    I ordered a Germany and Finland sash, and it turned out amazing! I received my sash much sooner than I thought I was and was pleasantly surprised.

  3. Katie O.

    Love mine!!

    Bought this sash with the Tanzanian flag on one side and the Ghanaian flag on the other. The colors were vibrant and stood out wonderfully. It’s the perfect length. Really well made!

  4. ajeanpha

    It was worth the money!

    I was skeptical when ordering, however I absolutely love! Such a great way to represent your culture. Can’t wait to wear it at graduation. #ClassOf2017

  5. Naslami

    Highly recommend

    I love it! Really great quality and super fast shipping. I received my order just a week after payment

  6. MJM

    Very satisfied

    Beautiful, well made, good quality. Very satisfied.

  7. AJ

    Perfect, me and everyone who saw it loved it!

    Wonderful! My sash was half Turkey, half Philipines and I requested that it arrived no more than 5 days after I ordered it, even though they do tell you to give up to 3 weeks for delivery. I was pretty nervous, but it came in time with a day to spare! Professionally made, looks very put together and official; many people asked me where I had it custom made! Loved the product and have been recommending it to all my friends

  8. Jen

    France and Italy Sash

    Very satisfied with the sash overall! Quality fabric used and excellent customer service! I was worried I wouldn’t receive it on time because I ordered my sash a week before my graduation (even though 3 weeks is needed to receive it on time), so I messaged them about it and they sent it right away. Needless to say, I was able to wear it on commencement 🙂

  9. Gwen


    I received my sash in a timely manner and it’s beautiful. I love my sash I will recommend using them to my friends and family.

  10. Lgk

    Very well done

    Love my sash….very professional looking. Received it in time with at least 2 weeks to spare. Would recommend this company anytime.

  11. happy customer

    Get this product!

    The sash came in a nice little box, and the sash itself is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I usually don’t post reviews for products, but if you have any doubts, DON’T. I am in love with the sash, and I can’t wait to wear it for graduation. The product came a week before I asked for it, and it is beautifully made. The entire sash is double layered, so the back is a black silk, which makes it look even better. Thank you so much!

  12. Sornai

    Amazing quality

    Ordered this item for my son’s graduation and it looks amazing

  13. S.J.

    Very Satisfied Customer!!

    I love love love my graduation sash! The quality is like no other out there! It was worth every penny, highly recommended. Shipping was extremely fast. I can’t wait to represent my culture on graduation day! Thank you Vison Wear International! #GSUClassOf2018

  14. Legaciquej


    I am more than happy with my sash. It looks vibrant, neat and each design was equally proportioned. Can’t wait to wear it on my big day.

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