Bosnia-Herzegovina-3′ x 5′ Indoor Flag


Available in 4″x 6″ Desk top, 3’x5′ Indoor Flag and 3′ x 5′ Outdoor Nylon Flag

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4×6 inch Desk Flag- Wave your colours with this 4×6” desk flag of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Also known as a tabletop flag, you can display it in a stand, with other country desk flags, or wave it at a parade or rally. It is perfect for diplomatic tabletop flag decoration or any international affair. It is made of a silk-like polyester material mounted on a black plastic 3/16” x 10” staff with a pointed gold spear tip. All four sides are carefully hem-stitched for longer lasting beauty. The miniature Bosnia-Herzegovina flags make a great addition to classrooms, too. 3’x5′ Indoor Flag- Our light weight polyester fabric makes this the perfect Bosnia-Herzegovina flag for indoor use. You can use it to decorate classrooms, fair booths, or displays in foyers or buildings. Our Bosnia-Herzegovina flag conforms to the official size and colors as recognized and flown by the United Nations. 3’x5′ Outdoor Nylon Flag-

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